Importance of Mammograms


It finally looks like I am going to be a Grandmother. Due date for my son and daughter in law is December 30th 2017. Very excited.

Kind of wish though my Dad and my husband who have both passed could be around for this wonderful event.

Pretty sure they are around somewhere and can watch as these wonderful events unfold in December.

Did I mention I’m excited?

On the health front, just before my first Grandchild is born it will be 5 years cancer free for me. Celebrations all round!

Years later.

I have to say after many years now of wearing a prosthetic breast, I wish to hell I had made the surgeon remove both breasts. I never wanted my breast reconstructed but having both breasts removed would have freed me from having to cart around a bunch of extra weight that never looks exactly like my real breast. It is very uncomfortable in the summer and HOT. This summer has been extra warm and I would rather stay inside than go out. I went to my son’s wedding in Mexico a couple years ago and felt very uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit. Just my opinion but if you are having one breast removed, may as well go for two. When I go for my mammogram they try to squeeze the tiny little nub I have left to check it out and I am almost lifted off the floor when they are trying to jam the little I have left into the mammo machine.

Guess I am just having a whiny day!!

Something quite interesting happened tonight. My son and I are going through our things and trying to sort out what we can sell to raise some funds to keep the house for a little while longer. As my husband cannot play guitar any more I asked if I could sell his guitars. He said I could sell two of the older ones as he wanted his brother to have to the two really good ones he had.
I called Long and McQuade (guitar specialists) about an acoustic guitar I was wanting to sell and they were not interested at all. I browsed around looking at prices and decided to try for 100 dollars. My email inbox was flooded within a few minutes of posting the ad. Most people wanted to pay $50 or less. One guy went back and forth with me and ended up at $60.
Then I got an email from a guy who said he really would love to give this guitar a new home. He had $140 in the bank and would give it all for the guitar. When he arrived at my house he had a case for it (so it wouldn’t get cold on the way to his car) and was thrilled that he was able to buy it from me.
I don’t quite know why I so wanted to share this story with you all except just for once I had a little piece of good luck happening.accoustic guitar.jpg #2


Posted on: February 8, 2013

The guy who hit my car had a suspended license. It’s all over for him!
In other news my husband has caught a virus in the hospital. Similar to the Norwalk virus, it hits you by having you vomit and have diarrhea. Lovely. They are taking it very seriously in the hospital. Closing down the gift shops and scrubbing them down and I saw cleaners everywhere today. Hospitals are notorious for people getting sick. Just hope I can keep it at bay. Watching everything I do there and constantly washing my hands.
Had my first haircut today since I got the chemo curls. It was getting way out of hand. I was going to let it grow and grow but it just got too unruly and I like it way better now.
My next mammogram is in July. I am not going to dwell on it. Just mentioned it because I got the requisition in the mail.
Not much else to report for now.

I am wondering when all this bad fortune in my life is going to end? My husband is now going to be spending the rest of his days in a long term care facility. My long term plans were to spend the rest of my life with him. What happened to that??
So I am in a gas station this morning and it is busy. I am on my way to visit my husband in the hospital but it is a fairly long drive and my gas is low. I have to wait in line to get to a pump.
I am parked waiting for a spot and there is a car at the pump facing me. There is the driver gassing the car up and a passenger waiting for him. The gas pump is a quick pay only, so you are supposed to pay at the pump supposedly speeding up the process. When the driver finishes putting gas in the car he goes in to the gas station to pay…….really? Ok I can live with that. What I can’t live with is when he is gone the passenger decided to lean over and put the car out of park and drive it straight into me. Hit me dead on.
He leaps out of the car and says not to call the police because no damage done and he was just trying to move the car so I can have the spot at the pump. What??
I call the police. Whilst I am on the phone the driver comes out of the gas station. Several witnesses approach him and tell him what has happened. His reaction? He jumps in the car and boots it. What??
He will get his. The police came to talk to me and I had taken down the make and model of his car and the license plate. Hit and run my friends.
I feel dizzy and sick and not sure if it is just a reaction to what happened or if something is really wrong.
Ok I am no longer wondering when I am going to have good luck. Just waiting for more bad as it seems to be the only kind of luck I am ever going to get.
I just can’t catch a break.

I know it has been a while since I last posted. At that time I was looking forward to my last treatment for cancer and getting my port-a-cath taken out. These things have happened. On 28th December 2012 I had my last treatment and got to ring the bell in the nursing unit that I had been frequenting over the last year.end of cancer 001
My daughter and son were in attendance and we were all pleased that it was finally over.
On January 11th 2013 I finally had my port removed. Happy Day. It is now ten days since I had it removed so I am now officially done with it. Have the little scar to prove it.
Yes, I should be filled with joy. Yes, there is a big BUT in there.
On December 13th 2012 I was downstairs talking to my son and we could hear my husband upstairs singing. He does that a lot. We were making funny remarks about ways to make him be quiet. I heard him go to the bathroom. Things went quiet. It had been over 5 years since his stroke but I am always worried about him, particularly since he has regained his weight and added more. I went back upstairs and said something to him through the bathroom door. No reply. I opened the door and there he was in full stroke mode. I know I screamed. My son ran upstairs and took control, got me to call 911 and he started asking my husband the questions a person needs to ask to to sure it is a stroke.
Luckily the ambulance arrived very quickly and he was transported to the hospital. The Foothills Hospital in Calgary is the best hospital to be taken to as they have a stroke program and the doctors that can help. He was give a clot busting drug as we got him to the hospital on time.
Let me be honest here. They tell you to get the patient to them on time and they will be able to help reverse the effects of the stroke. Not true in all cases. He had originally lost his left side in his previous stroke. This one attacked his right side. He now has trouble speaking and his right arm and leg, although strong, are not co-ordinated and he has no feeling in them.
So my cancer is over and now I have the worry that my husband may not even return to our home. Pray for us. Please.

Went for my lymphedema clinic appointment today and the news was really good. I went from my left arm being 9.3% bigger than my right to MINUS 4.3% …..SMALLER! Great thing is they said there is no doubt my walking for exercise helped a great deal. Proud!

Been a while. Let’s see what have I been up to. Attended a sausage making class. Hilarious! It was something I always wanted to do, did not realize I would be in an all male class full of young buck hunters wanting to know how to turn their kills into sausage. It was an entertaining experience but one I do not really want to repeat. I think I will pass on making them at home. The equipment is expensive, too expensive for just a hobby.
My daughter and I made cookie monster cupcakes close to Halloween, some for my son’s birthday and some for my daughter’s work. As you can see from the picture, they turned out quite well. Everyone loved them!

Then I was at a craft sale hawking my sushi candles. Well trying to. Nobody wanted them. Had lots of compliments but nobody opened their wallets! Just made enough to cover the table my friend and I rented. Trying again this weekend, making some chocolate reindeer lollipops to entice the kiddies to the table, hopefully the parents will follow.

Years ago I made chocolate houses, decorated them all up and sold them at work. I did quite well and am thinking of going back in that direction. Also rice krispie teddy bears were a hit back then, will see what people think of them now. If I do not sell my candles this weekend, lots of friends and family will be receiving them for gifts. Be warned.
On the cancer front, I had a mammogram and it was all clear and my echocardiogram was good too. I only have three Herceptin treatments left ending December 28th. Then January 11th is a banner day, because that is the day I get my port out!! Very excited about that.
I have been feeling ok except for the occasional upset stomach and my hair is now back, curly!!
Last week I fell on ice and bruised my knee, other than that I have been trying to stay out of trouble.
Will post more pictures of my crafting adventures soon.
Stay well, and heed this:

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One year ago today I was in surgery having my breast removed. Since then I have gone through chemo and lost and got my hair back! Now I am feeling almost normal although I still have more Herceptin to take until the end of the year. My hair is coming in nicely, curly, and as I have always wanted curly hair that is just dang fine with me!
I remember how scared I was that day, yet once it was over it really was not that bad. Truly the worst was yet to come in the form of chemotherapy but now that too is past and with my walks I am feeling way better.
Hoping that everyone that comes by here can see there is life after cancer.
Today I took my car in to get it fixed, they quoted over 600 dollars. I am not ashamed to say I played the cancer card and got away with 190!
Hey, whatever it takes. The job got done and for way less.
More anniversaries will come and go but hopefully life will go on and I will live a full and healthy life from now on.

I was not prepared for the emotion I felt at seeing so many ladies there that had been through breast cancer. We were in groups sorted by how many years of survival. 0 – 5, 6 – 10, 11 – 14, and 15+. We gathered in Bankers Hall in downtown Calgary and each got a necklace, cowboy hat ( yes it IS Calgary after all) and a T-Shirt.
Light refreshments were served, fruit, granola bars, coffee and water. At this point we were all given a pink carnation. We were then shown to the ground floor where a girl’s choir sang and then had a few dignitaries talk to us. Katrina LeMay Doan was there and a couple other local people. Each had a story to tell.
By the time most of them had their say I was feeling a little lightheaded as I was wearing two T-shirts, the one I came in and the one they gave me, the cowboy hat and also my lymphedema sleeve. As you can see by the pictures (thanks to my personal photographer Robert) there was a lot of ladies there and it was hot and the dignitaries went on as they will, so I had to push my way out of the crowd and sit for a while. So many caring people ran to my aid, with a chair, water, words of encouragement.
Once that was over we made our way outside for a short walk through downtown and I felt much better. Everyone was clapping and cheering.
We made our way back inside and some of the ladies had booked a lunch. I had not because I was not sure how I was going to feel, I am pretty shy, but next year I think I will go for the lunch too. I was given a bag when I was ready to leave with a survivors calendar 2013, a little pink poodle plushy, and a couple other items.
Whilst there I met a very nice lady called Anne. She showed me the ropes and walked and talked with me and made me feel welcome. Thank you Anne. See you next year!